• Contains probiotics, a mixture of probiotic bacteria that supports healthy digestion.
  • Helps support healthy digestion for reduced waste.
  • Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.
  • Calcium fortified.
  • Product Description

    Wardley® Turtle Sticks Clear Water Odor Reducing with Probiotics formula are nutritionally balanced floating sticks ideal for aquatic turtles. These turtle sticks are made using fish meal, a highly digestible protein that reduces waste and supports water clarity. They also contain probiotics, a mixture of probiotic bacteria that support healthy digestion, reducing waste and the cloudy water and odors that come from it. In addition, they are formulated from a variety of ingredients and are fortified with Calcium and Vitamin.

    Wardley Turtle Sticks Clear Water odor reducing with probiotics. Front of turtle sticks canister. Wardley SKU#4332415765

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