Quick Start Guide

Have a new aquarium? Thinking about setting one up? These tips can help get you on your way with your aquarium.

How to Set Up Your Aquarium:

  • Thoroughly rinse aquarium, with water only. Do not use detergents or commercial cleansers.
  • Place your aquarium on a level and sturdy surface to avoid stressing the tank, which can lead to cracks and leaking. Additionally, put your aquarium where you can both enjoy and take care of your fish. You should also place the aquarium where it will not get direct sunlight, in order to control algae growth.
  • Add rinsed gravel, plants and decorations to make your tank a wonderland for both you and your fish.
  • Set-up and position the filter and heater, but do not plug it in the heater just yet to prevent breakage of the heater
  • Gently add water to your tank and make sure the water has been properly conditioned
  • Add your aquarium cover as leaving one off can cause water evaporation and increase heater usage. It will also keep fish from jumping out of the tank. After ½ hr you can turn on the heater and the filter

New Aquarium Tips:

  • Avoid overfeeding. Feed twice a day and only the amount consumed in a two to five minute period.
  • Regularly test Ammonia, Nitrite pH.
  • Build your community over a 3 to 4 month period.
  • Regularly remove any organic debris from your tank
  • Whenever you change your water, make sure your tap water is conditioned, eliminating Chlorine & Chloramines, naturalizing harmful ammonia and regulating pH.