Vet Trusted, Pet Approved Hartz Bonanza Parrot Diet

Hello! I have been using the Hartz Bonanza food sample with my green cheek conure for about a week now. We were buying expensive food from a bird store. As soon as we put some of the Hartz food in her bowl she immediately scrambled over to it and started to eat it.åÊ She was making her happy noises and was loving the food.åÊ I think she likes all of the variety. The food looks like it’s made up of a lot of high quality different kinds of things. I think the different sizes, colors, and variety of the items in the food makes it really interesting for her. I think we would be pretty likely to buy another bag of the Hartz food when the sample runs out. In all, Nibbles seems to really like the food as it makes her really happy, and entertains her and the variety is really good for her. Thanks for letting me try out this great product.‰

-Jennifer, Hartz Bonanza Reviewer