What is rawhide?

Rawhide is the inner layer of the hide of cattle.

Are Dentist’s Best® rawhide or edible bones carpet safe?

We recommend that these treats be given to your dog on a surface that is easy to clean.

Can I give my puppy Dentist’s Best® rawhide or edible bones?

Dentist’s Best® rawhide or edible bones are not recommended for your puppy’s smaller teeth. However, when your puppy gets his adult teeth (about 6 months) he can begin having these treats.

Do your Dentist’s Best® edible bones contain plastic?

No. Our edible bones are made of 100% edible ingredients.

What is DentaShield®?

DentaShield® is our name for Sodium hexametaphosphate, the same ingredient used in many leading human toothpaste brands. This ingredient was developed as a toothpaste additive by researchers at Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, the same researchers who developed fluoride for toothpaste.

  • DentaShield® reduces the formation of tartar.
  • Chewing rawhide helps reduce existing plaque and tartar, which will help freshen your dog’s breath.
  • Rawhide with DentaShield® is scientifically proven to reduce tartar formation in dogs up to 83%*.

* Studies on file at The Hartz Mountain Corporation