Where can I find Oinkies®?

Oinkies® treats are sold in major grocery and mass merchant retailers, as well as online at Amazon.com and Chewy.com.

Can Oinkies® stain my carpet?

We recommend that Oinkies® be given to your dog on a surface that is easy to clean.

What part of the pig is used to make Oinkies®?

The pig skin is from the layer below the hide, and is processed to reduce the fat.

What is the youngest age that a dog can be given Oinkies®?

Puppies love to chew, and chewing on an Oinkies® treat (instead of your shoes!) helps channel their energy, satisfy their need to chew, and helps promote healthy teeth. Once your puppy gets his adult teeth (about 6 months), he can begin having Oinkies® treats. Always monitor your puppy while chewing.

How many calories are in each treat?

Ingredients and calorie content vary, and can be found on the back of each pack. This can also be found on each product page on the following web page.

How many Oinkies® twists can I give my dog?

You can feed your dog Oinkies pig skin twists up to two per day for an average size adult dog. Tender Treats or Lasting Chew Bones can be fed to your dog two to three twists per day for an average size adult dog.

Where are Oinkies® treats made?

Oinkies® products are made in China and Thailand.

How Does Dentashield® work?

The DentaShield® ingredient coats your dog’s teeth creating a barrier
The barrier BLOCKS new tartar formation
Leaving your dog with cleaner teeth, longer