Hartz Social Media Terms of Service
Our passion is animals and we want to share our passion with you, our fans.

Hartz social media pages are intended to serve as a trustworthy source of information for fans of Hartz to receive the latest news, recommendations, and insights about our various product lines, but also as a safe place for animal lovers to interact. It should serve as a place where you can freely share your experiences, feedback, and any questions you may have about Hartz. We welcome your praise and any constructive criticism you may have.
We ask that all materials posted to our page comply with these guidelines, Hartz’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as Facebook’s Terms of Use, Twitter’s Terms of Service, Instagram’s Terms of Use and as a result we reserve the right to remove any inappropriate material, as outlined in the guidelines below.

Golden Rule
Speak to others as you would wish to be spoken to. Be respectful of other people’s feelings and opinions.

Take Care
We hope that our social media pages can be a platform for pet owners to share their experiences and suggestions. However, we are not responsible for any recommendations you may encounter which have not been explicitly created or endorsed by Hartz. Any and all questions related to animal health should be addressed directly with an animal professional.

No Spam
The Hartz social media pages are intended as a space for original content generated by Hartz and its fans. Any content that is considered to be an advertisement or promotion for third party web sites, services or organizations will be removed accordingly.

No Inappropriate Content
Any content that is deemed inappropriate will be removed, including content which is:

  • Obscene, aggressive or uses threatening language or media.
  • Slanderous, inaccurate or unfounded.
  • Grotesque, violent, or offensive images or videos.
  • In violation of any laws.