Know Your Pet Bird: An Introduction to the Parakeet

At Hartz, birds are one of our favorite animals. When trained and taken care of properly, birds can be great loving, lifetime companions.

We want you to become further acquainted with our aviary friends, and this week, are going to introduce you to the parakeet.

Did you know that parakeets are a smaller species of the parrot? Their distinguishing characteristics are their slighter builds and long tail feathers. The Budgie is the most common type of parakeet and makes for a great starter pet for kids or first time bird owners. In the wild parakeets live in large flocks, and do not like to be alone. If you buy one, chances are you'll come home with two.

Parakeets are very loving and at the same time very playful creatures. They require attention in the form of affection and interaction from their owner, and, like parrots, if trained properly can learn to talk! They are very intelligent and need toys to entertain them while in their cage. As a result, they need access to a large space where they are free to explore both vertically and horizontally while being able to fly freely.

Basic maintenance is easy with parakeets. They need a clean cage, fresh water and a balanced diet. The Bonanza Parakeet Diet is a great option as it is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grain that provides theåÊnecessary nutrients for a parakeet's food needs.

Overall, parakeets are fun pets to have. A common misconception is that they are not that interactive, but that is far from the truth. With proper attention and care, you can form a strong bond with your pet parakeet. Plus, with their inquisitive nature, they will keep you entertained for hours.

For more information about caring for pet birds visit our bird page.