Maintaining Your Garden Pond

It's nice to have an indoor aquarium, but who really wants to stay inside during all of those beautiful summer months?

In many ways, having a pond is like an outdoor aquarium. Although creating a beautiful pond can be challenging, we think the end result is worth the time invested!

Follow these easy steps when planning your pond:


Even though ponds are a lot bigger than indoor aquariums, it is still important to make sure that you stock the right type and number of fish. Most outdoor ponds include goldfish or koi. Both fish are messy eaters, so it's important to still use chemical, biological and mechanical filtration!


Live Plants

Live plants are very important to your water garden. Besides their natural beauty, they help keep algae from overtaking the pond.


Pond Placement

Though fish do not get sunburned, they still don't like being placed in direct sunlight. Make sure that your pond is at least partially shaded by trees!


Water Changes

Certain weather conditions can make water evaporate or flood. Keep an eye on your pond year round to make sure that your water stays at the optimum level.


Water Movement

Installing a waterfall is a beautiful way to achieve a small amount of water movement. It will also help your pond to oxygenate the water, properly distribute the nutrients, prevent stagnation or even keep your pond from completely freezing in the winter.
Once it is up and running, your pond will do most of the work itself, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy your new backyard oasis.