Dog walking in grass with Hartz InControl flea & tick collar

Why Choose InControl?

InControl® for
Maximum Comfort

The Hartz InControl collar with its unique patented "Comfi Fit" structure achieves the maximum comfort your dog deserves while giving them the protection you can trust to be effective.

Hartz deeply treasures the bond between you and your pet, and we are committed to providing you with products designed to protect and rid your pets of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes year-round.

Make your pet one of the 5 million
furry family members we help keep
pest-free and happy every year!

Dog wearing a Hartz InControl collar in the yard


Patented Design

The unique, patented collar design achieves maximum comfort with the soft and flexible texture.

Comfi Fit with Soft and Flexible Texture

The soft touch points with rounded edges provide a soft & comfortable feel.

This new collar allows your dog to go about their dog life with ease, and you can have the peace of mind that they are protected against pests.

Dog displaying Hartz InControl flea & tick collar with smooth inside surface.

Smooth Inside Surface

Each latch on the InControl collar is facing outwards, leaving a smooth inside surface.

With no protruding edges, this helps to prevent skin irritation. Rest assured, your dog will be comfortable yet protected.

Dog displaying secure fit of Hartz InControl collar

Secure Dual Buckle System

Our dual buckle system can resist up to 4.5 pounds of force.

This buckle system ensures the collar won't come off when your dog is out & about.

Hartz InControl. Full body flea and tick protection.

6 Month Protection

InControl provides 6 months of full body protection- protecting your pup from head to tail!

Dogs protected by Hartz InControl flea and tick collars.

Our Ingredients

Our collar is specially formulated with two active ingredients (Deltamethrin and S-methoprene) that are slowly released over your pet’s skin surface for up to 6 months.

Deltamethrin and Smethoprene have been registered in the United States by the EPA and has been tested and approved for its use in flea & tick collars.

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