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Hartz® Doggie Pinata Dog Toy

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  • Colorful and festive toy can be stuffed with treats to make playtime even more exciting
  • Features a fabric pocket that holds treats, and a pull tab for your party pup to open it, providing stimulation in a rewarding and mind building manner
  • Contains a squeaker inside to keep the celebration going
blue, yellow, pink
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Product Description

Celebrate playtime with the Hartz Doggie Piñata, a treat dispensing toy that will satisfy your party pup’s need for stimulation in a rewarding and mind building manner. Simply place a few treats inside the fabric pocket and watch as your playful pal figures out how to tug the strap for a tasty prize. A hidden squeaker inside adds to the festivity of bright colors and streamers. Soft, yet durable, this donkey is ready for round after round of interactive play. When your pup leaves the after party, this plushy toy makes for a great cuddle buddy too! Remember to supervise your pup with any toy.

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