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Hartz® Nodor® Cage Wipes

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  • Breakthrough technology eliminates small animal urine odor on contact and cleans cage surfaces
  • Includes 30 pre-moistened wipes to make cage cleanup quick and easy!
  • Non-toxic and safe for small animals
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Product Description

Hartz® Nodor® Cage Wipes combine the proven odor encapsulating technology of Hartz® Nodor® Bedding Spray plus a cleaning agent with the convenience of a pre-moistened wipe, making cage cleanup quick and easy! Simply wipe your pet’s cage until clean, no rinsing required. The Nodor® solution will instantly surround odor molecules to permanently stop them from emitting unpleasant urine odor. Use all Hartz® Nodor® products – bedding, spray and wipes – for the best results.

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