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Hartz® Oinkies® Lasting Chew Bones - 12 Pack

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  • Perfect for small dogs, great for medium sized dogs
  • Fun bone shape & long lasting texture
  • Includes 12 lasting chew bones wrapped with 100% real chicken breast meat to boost the flavor factor
  • Contains no rawhide and is highly digestible
  • Check out all our varieties of Oinkies to twist up your pup's treat stash
Flavor Quantity
Chicken 25 Pack
Chicken 12 pack
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Product Description

Oinkies are hand rolled from 100% real pig skin. And because they’re rawhide free, Oinkies are highly digestible and satisfy your furry friend’s innate instinct to chew. Lasting Chew Bones are fun, long lasting, irresistible treats – designed in the shape of a bone so your dog can grip the ends, and wrapped with mouthwatering 100% real chicken to provide delicious layers of entertainment! Oinkies Lasting Chew Bones are made to lock in that rich, savory flavor that your dog can only get from Oinkies.

Hartz Oinkies

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