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Wardley® Shrimp Pellets Formula Fish Food for Bottom Feeders - 9oz

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  • Scientifically developed sinking pellet formula is ideal for feeding a variety of tropical fish, especially bottom feeders such as catfish plecostomus and loaches
  • Includes 4.5 ounces of slow sinking pellets in a convenient, easy-to-store jar
  • High quality protein to support normal growth
  • Contains a stabilized form of Vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system
4.5 oz.
9 oz.
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Product Description

Wardley Shrimp Pellets are formulated from a nutritious blend of ingredients including shrimp. This sinking pellet formula is ideal for feeding a variety of tropical fish, especially bottom feeders such as catfish, plecostomus and loaches. It contains a stabilized form of Vitamin C, and antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system without the use of artificial dyes or colors. Wardley takes care of the science so you can enjoy your fish!

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