Reptiles Make Great Pets

Looking for a pet that is easy to care for? A reptile might be the pet for you.

For many folks, dogs and cats are the pet of choice. They enjoy being greeted at the door by a happy dog, having their slippers brought to them, and going for long walks. Or they like having a nice cat purring in their lap while they watch TV. But for an ever-growing number of people, it's a cold-blooded reptile that brings them joy. Here are some reasons you might want to consider a reptile pet.

Easy care

Reptiles offer companionship without the demands of dog or cat ownership. They're completely content to be by themselves and rarely make noise. Most need to be fed just once or twice a week and create relatively little waste.  Reptiles do not need to be walked; they get all of the exercise they need inside of their cage.

Hypo-allergenic: Reptiles don't have fur! If allergies have prevented you or someone in your home from getting a pet, a reptile might be the answer.

Exotic: Dogs, cats, hamsters, goldfish — they are all in the realm of the familiar. Reptiles, however, take you on an exotic trip. With natural habitats ranging from the desert to the rain-forest, you can create an out-of-the-ordinary getaway right in your own home.

Take up little space: Most reptiles can live their entire lives inside a small aquarium.  If space is an issue for you, a reptile pet is a great solution.

Reptilian charm
  • Smaller lizards like geckos, swifts, and anoles are fun to watch as they hunt their prey down with lightning speed.
  • Chameleons take their time — with independent eyes and long sticky tongues they lash out and capture their prey.
  • The slow-moving tortoise has a wonderful face that makes it look so wise and friendly, and fast-moving water turtles are always fascinating to watch as they cruise through the water.
  • Snakes can move gracefully over any surface, whether it's gliding along water or climbing up trees. Some rely on speed to chase their prey down, while others sit and ambush their prey.