Vet Trusted, Pet Approved | Hartz Bonanza Hamster Diet

At Hartz, we strive to continually create products that help pet parents keep their pets healthy and happy. That‰Ûªs why we recently sent out some free Bonanza small animal and bird diet samples to gather some feedback, and learn more about what it takes to create a product that‰Ûªs truly Vet Trusted, Pet Approved. Read the review below to see what Doug the hamster thought of the Hartz Bonanza Hamster & Gerbil Diet.


Animal Type: Hamster

‰ÛÏHello! Before I write my review, I’d like to thank you once again for the opportunity to test the Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil diet. I appreciate the opportunity! Thank you.

I was stunned to receive a full sized (4 pound) bag of Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet for my hamster, “Doug,” to try. The bag is very appealing, and will be easy to quickly locate when I need to purchase more. I was excited to see the zipper closure on the bag, because that meant I wouldn’t have to transfer the food to another container or find a clip for the bag‰Û_

I love the sweet smell of the Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet, and was pleasantly surprised (and very happy) to read that it is made in America. I take great pride in purchasing items made in America, especially when it is a food item for myself or my furkids. The Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet is visually appealing, and I noticed a wide variety of food without having to dig through the bag. Everything in the bag looked like it was a much higher quality than the 8-in-1 Ultra Blend Gourmet Feed that Doug was getting previously.

I placed a bowl of food in Doug’s cage and he came running, so I can only assume he also found the scent appealing. He went straight for a pumpkin seed, which is something that is not in the food I was previously feeding. Doug also ate more of the sunflower seeds, which appear to be softer than the ones in his previous food. He actually sat in his bowl and tried different pieces of food before he got a pouch full to hide. Every day this week Doug has come out of his hiding place when I feed him dinner. He sits and eats a little, then grabs some food to go. The pumpkin seeds go first, and the big brown “blocks” are second. I believe Doug enjoys the Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet, and I fully intend to purchase more when my sample runs out. I actually grew up with hamsters, and I don’t remember any of them running for their dinner the way Doug does with the Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet.

There isn’t really anything I would change; the variety is good, the aroma is inviting, and the variety is nice.

A tiny background on Doug:

Doug is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. I got him from my sister, who took him in when he was “no longer wanted” by his first family. He’s never been touched or handled and is around 2.5 years old, so he’s happily living his last days in a loving home, larger cage and with more toys!

Again, thank you for this opportunity. I am very thankful that I have a new healthy food for Doug, and hope he can outlive the “textbook” age of 2.5 to 3 years, so he can enjoy it. I know it will be much healthier for him.‰Û

-Diane and Doug, Hartz Bonanza Reviewers