Our Brands

  • Captivate cat toys with silver vine and catnip
  • Cattraction

    Versatile cat toys designed to satisfy your frisky feline's natural instincts

  • Chew ‘n Clean

    Long-lasting, durable dog toys that satisfy the innate desire to chew, while providing dental benefits

  • Delectables

    Lickable wet cat treats packed with protein make for the purrfect in-between meal snack or as a savory dry food topper

  • Dura Play

    Natural latex dog toys provide long-lasting fun with a unique foam technology that enhances durability

  • Hartz Groomer's Best Professionals logo.

    Groomer's Best Professionals

    Bring the salon experience to the home with shampoos that are formulated to keep your dog’s coat healthy while looking and smelling professionally groomed.

  • Groomer’s Best

    De-shed, detangle and deodorize pet coats with tools and shampoo developed by professional groomers

  • Hartz

    Since 1926, pet parents have trusted Hartz to ensure their best friend is happy and healthy throughout every life stage

  • Home Protection

    Quality dog pads offering superior absorption and odor harmonizing technology that instantly turn urine into gel

  • InControl

    Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Collar kills flea & ticks, repels mosquitoes, and prevents flea eggs from hatching.

  • Just For Cats

    Premium play pattern specific toys that encourage exercise for the mind and body of your curious cat

  • Multi Cat Strong

    Multi-cat strong, clumping litter that locks in moisture and harmonizes odors

  • Nature's Shield Logo. Hartz Nature's Shield is a plant based flea and tick product.

    Nature's Shield

    Plant based flea & tick products for your home and pets

  • Oinkies

    Long-lasting and natural, rawhide-free pig skin dog treat chews packed with protein in savory flavors

  • Ultraguard

    Protect your pet and defend your home from ectoparasites with America’s #1 flea and tick brand

  • Wardley

    A variety of fish food, treats, supplements and accessories to keep the allure of the underwater world thriving