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Can Pets Spread the COVID-19 Virus?

So far, the news is good for
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Can My Pet Get Fleas During the Winter?

You might be surprised to learn that while fleas thrive in humid, warm conditions – with the height of their activity in the spring, summer and even fall – they can and do endure the winter months by surviving in a variety of ways.
Small dog leaping into the air, wearing a puffy blue jacket, in the winter training & play | dogs

Dog Toys to Keep Your Dog’s Winter Blues Away

Not every pup enjoys plunging temperatures, which can really cut into their recreational time. Whether it's you or your dog who hates being outside when the air gets frosty, your dog needs playtime.
During the winter, your pet bird may become stressed by the cold habitat

How to Prepare Your Bird for Winter

Many birds need your help adapting to the changing seasons.
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