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Hartz® Millet Spray 12 sprays

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Millet Spray is low in fat compared to other seeds, such as sunflower seed.
Hartz® Millet Spray is a great all-natural treat for all seed-eating pet birds. It offers your pet a foraging opportunity as they have to harvest their own seed from the millet’s grain heads. Hartz® Millet Sprays have been carefully harvested to retain nature’s bounty. Even wild birds will love them, especially in the winter months when food is hard to find.
Feeding Instructions:
Remove spray from cage when your bird has picked out all the seeds, and replace it with a fresh spray. Always keep fresh water readily available for your pet. Store in a cool, dry place.

Available in these varieties

Type Size
Hartz® Millet Spray 7 Sprays
Hartz® Millet Spray 12 Sprays (shown)