Cruelty Free Standard

Pet Shampoos

Pet Shampoos

The Hartz Mountain Corporation does not, and shall not, conduct, commission, or be a party to, animal testing for our Groomer’s Best® lines of grooming shampoos.  This standard applies, without limitation, to the formulations and to all the ingredients used in the making of those Groomer’s Best® products listed below. 

This standard is based on certifications obtained from our suppliers for all ingredients used in the Groomer’s Best and Groomer’s Best Professionals pet grooming products listed below, that they have not been tested on animals. If any such testing for any ingredients occurred in the past, that animal testing was conducted more than ten years ago.

Hartz is committed to working only with ingredient suppliers who can ensure they meet the standards of our policy.  Hartz utilizes non-animal testing alternatives to assess the safety and toxicity of all our Groomer’s Best and Groomer’s Best Professionals Pet Shampoo Products. 

Groomer’s Best and Groomer’s Best Professionals products that are Cruelty Free