Irresistible, long-lasting dog treats made with layers of naturally good real ingredients you can see. These highly digestible treats are made without any beef rawhide, and are smoked and oven-baked to lock in that delicious flavor your dog will go crazy for!

Oinkies long-lasting treats keep dogs entertained and chewing and come in a variety of delicious flavors.

Hartz Oinkies Meathouse n Veg treats contain natural ingredients

Meathouse 'n' Veg

Tender Ribs
Real peanut butter flavored twist with real chicken breast, duck breast, sweet potato and carrots.

Hearty Kabobs
Real pork and sweet potato twist with real chicken & carrot meatballs and real duck breast & sweet potato meatballs.

Hartz Oinkies Chickentastic dog treats.


Tender Bullies
Beef bully flavored core that is wrapped with real chicken breast.

Hearty Twists
Real pork and sweet potato twists wrapped with real chicken breast.

Chew Bones
Chew bone wrapped in 100% real chicken breast.

Tender Twists
Tender chews wrapped in 100% real chicken breast.

Hartz Oinkies Porkalicious dog treats.


Lasting Twists - Smoked Twists
Original real smoked pig skin flavor.

Lasting Twists - Jerky Twists
Real pig skin twist wrapped in real chicken breast.

Lasting Twists - Sizzling Twists
Real savory bacon flavor and smoked pig skin.

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