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Can My Pet Get Fleas During the Winter?

You might be surprised to learn that while fleas thrive in humid, warm conditions – with the height of their activity in the spring, summer and even fall – they can and do endure the winter months by surviving in a variety of ways.

The Top New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

With the end of December fast approaching, it’s become somewhat of a tradition to take an honest look at our lifestyles and habits to identify where improvements can be made.
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The Advantages of Adopting a Senior Pet

Many hopeful pet parents visit shelters or browse rescue websites looking for a new kitten or puppy to welcome into their family.

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3 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained

When was the last time you could honestly say that you had a grip on your cat's body language?
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A Cat’s Daily Diet

Cats need proteins, fats, carbs, water, vitamins and minerals to stay in shape.
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Adopting a Cat

Give a cat another chance at life and a loving home.

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A Small Animal’s Daily Diet

Small animal diets are just as diverse as the individual species are.
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Fiber in Your Rabbit’s Diet

Fiber is an essential component of your rabbit’s diet.

Little Pets in the Classroom

Caring for little pets teaches children about animal behavior and how to be a responsible pet owner.

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Bird Behavior Basics

Most changes in bird behavior are associated with growth development, environment, or bonding with humans.
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A Bird’s Daily Diet

Because of their high metabolism, birds are sensitive to nutritional deficiencies.
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Foods Birds Should Avoid

There are some foods that should be enjoyed in moderation and others your bird should avoid altogether.

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Acclimating Your Pet Reptile to its New Habitat

Bringing a reptile home can be stressful for both you and your pet. It’s important to know the proper way to introduce your reptile to its new reptile habitat.
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A Reptile’s Daily Diet

Inexpensive, readily available "people" foods are good for some but not all.
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Geckos as Pets

Geckos are a wonderfully interesting pet and come in all sizes and colors.

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Bringing Fish into the Classroom

When choosing a pet for the classroom, many teachers will choose fish.

Changing the Water – Cleaning the Tank

Regular maintenance of your tank will keep your aquarium looking sharp and your fish healthy.

Understanding Aquarium Filtration

Just as your fish are living beings, think of their water as another life form within the aquarium.