Groomers quality shampoo from the comfort of your home. Hartz Groomer's Best Professionals.


Hartz Groomer’s Best PROFESSIONALS helps bring the salon experience to the comfort of your own home.

These shampoos are formulated to help keep your dog’s coat healthy while looking and smelling professionally groomed in one seamless at-home bath time solution.

Dog being bathed with Groomer's Best Professionals dog shampoo.

Professional Quality

Hartz Mountain has been developing pet shampoo for over 40 years, and has always put your furry friend first. Groomer’s Best PROFESSIONALS dog shampoo will transform your traditional dog grooming routine to a professional at-home pet salon experience.

Developed by highly experienced professional groomers, this dog grooming shampoo combines thoughtfully selected ingredients and premium pet-friendly fragrances for an effective, yet gentle, sudsy bath for every pup. With Groomer’s Best PROFESSIONALS, your dogs will look, smell, and feel like they just left the salon.

Clean dog bathed with Groomer's Best Professionals shampoo for dogs.

Tips for Bathing your Dog like a Pro!

Before Bathing

  • Have all bathing items ready to go prior to bath time. This includes shampoo, clean, dry towels, a non-slip mat, and a proper brush to meet your dog’s coat needs.
  • Having a separate bath time collar may be beneficial for squirmy pups to help keep them still.
  • Cotton balls can be used to keep water out of the ears and should be placed in your dog’s ears prior to bathing to catch any water that may run into the ear canal.
  • If you brush your dog regularly it is a good idea to brush them prior to bathing. However, if your dog has heavy knots or mattes brushing these problem areas can be painful for your dog and you may need the help of a professional groomer.
  • Water temperature is very important! The water should be lukewarm to cool and always keep checking to make sure your dog is comfortable. If your pet has sensitive skin, keeping the water on the cooler side may be more comfortable for them.
Dog getting a bath with Groomer's Best Professionals dog shampoo.

During Bathing

  • Start bathing your dog by wetting the tail end first and moving towards the head. This is especially helpful with nervous or anxious dogs. Shampoo should be applied the same way.
  • Start off slow and don’t rush the process. Make sure to cover the whole body. Just as dogs like being pet, many will enjoy the massage-like feeling of be lathered up.
  • Using a shower poof can provide better shampoo distribution and help get the shampoo lather into the dogs coat for a deeper clean.
  • When washing the face area, first apply shampoo generously at the neck and lather. Gently move the lather forward over the face area avoiding the eyes. When rinsing, shield your dog’s eyes with your hand and keep their nose pointed downward so water runs off easily.
  • Exceptionally dirty dogs can be rinsed and washed again. Ideally the rinse water should run clear off the dog.
Dog being groomed and brushed after a bath with dog shampoo.

After Bathing

  • Towel dry and gently brush coat using an appropriate grooming brush.
  • If you plan to blow dry your dog, use a blow dryer that has a low heat setting and monitor your dog for discomfort or distress. While drying, brushing against the grain of the coat will shorten drying time and allow the coat to fluff nicely (depending on breed).
Clean dog bathed with Hartz shampoo for dogs.

Additional Tips

  • Starting bath time at an early age will help your dog get into a routine of regular bathing.
  • Anxious dogs may require an additional person there to help sooth them, and potentially keep them from jumping out of the tub. Make sure to give them lots of emotional support during the whole process, positive reinforcements, talking calmly, even singing to them may provide comfort. Having treats available is also a good idea.

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