Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Delectables™ Squeeze Up™ for Dogs safe for cat(s)?

    Delectables™ Squeeze Up™ for Dogs is specifically formulated to a dog’s desired taste but is safe for cats. Delectables™ Squeeze Ups™ are also available for cats and can be found at the following web page.

  • How can Delectables™ Squeeze Up™ for Dogs be used?

    Delectables® Squeeze Up™ for Dogs can be used as a food topper, or as a snack or treat in between meals.

  • Can children feed Delectables™ Squeeze Up™ for Dogs to dogs?

    Hand feeding should be done carefully and is not suitable for children.


  • Are Hartz UltraGuard® and Hartz® Pet Defender Plus™ products registered?

    Yes, all Hartz UltraGuard® and Hartz® Pet Defender Plus™ products are registered with the EPA and the states, data has been provided for both efficacy and safety as required.

  • What is the difference between the Delectables™ 10+ years and Delectables™ 15+ years?

    The difference between the 10+ and 15+ is the 15+ has added Potassium Chloride for Kidney Health Support and Prebiotics to help support healthy digestion. All other ingredients in the formulation are the same.

  • Can Delectables™ be refrigerated?

    Since these are not re-sealable pouches, we recommend feeding the complete pouch once opened. Unopened packages do not need to be refrigerated.


  • What are the expiration dates?

    All Wardley products are formulated with a two year shelf life when stored in a cool dry place.

  • Where can I find product?

    Wardley products are sold across the country in fine retailers that carry pet supplies including Wal-Mart, PetCo, K-Mart and most major grocery store chains.

  • How often should I feed my fish?

    Fish should be fed 2-3 times a day in quantities small enough for them to consume in a few minutes. Do not overfeed fish, as this may affect water quality and the health of fish.

General Questions

  • What is rawhide?

    Rawhide is the inner layer of the hide of cattle.

  • What age should my cat be to be given a toy?

    Toys can be given to pets as soon as they show interest in playing (usually about 4-6 weeks old) and toys can help build coordination and motor skills in young pets.

  • Can I order cat toys from your website?

    Hartz is a manufacturer and does not sell directly to consumers. Our website was designed for informational purposes.