Easy Ways to Give Cats Medication

Giving dogs medication is easy. Just hide the pill in a little peanut butter or cheese, and you’re all set! But it’s not so easy to find foods to hide cat medicine in.

Cat Medication - Close up cat's face as owner gives a medication pill.

A gel cap is tasteless, masking the taste of the medication inside.

According to a 2022 survey, 70% of cat owners reported that their cat would refuse food with medication in it! And over 77% of people reported that their cat tried to bite or scratch them while giving medication! Fortunately, there are some easy options that you may not have thought of if you are still wondering how to feed a cat medicine.

What are Some Foods to Hide Cat Medicine In?

Cats tend to be a lot more sensitive to taste and texture than their canine friends. This makes it difficult to hide medicine in even your kitty’s favorite food. Many cat medications have an unpleasant taste.

Pills, even ground up, can add a different texture. Many cat owners inadvertently ruin their cat’s favorite food by trying to feed the cat medicine in food. The cat gets a taste of the medication, and suddenly, they refuse to touch that type of food ever again, remembering the one time it was unpleasant for them.

How to Give a Cat Medicine Pill

A good method to try when giving a cat pills in food is to utilize an empty gel cap. Empty gel caps can easily be purchased in-store or online. (Do not attempt to empty and reuse any gel caps you may have at home).

  1. Open up the capsule and place the pill inside.
  2. Do not try to put multiple pills in the same cap without checking with your veterinarian to confirm that the combination of medications will be appropriate for your cat.
  3. Cover the capsule in Delectables Squeeze Up lickable wet treat, and watch your cat lick up the entire capsule!

This works well because the gel cap is tasteless, masking the taste of the medication inside. You can practice this from time to time with empty capsules, so when it’s time for real medication, your cat is a pro. No pinning your cat down, no forcing a pill down his throat, no stress at all!

This is an excellent method if you’ve been struggling with how to give an angry cat medicine or if you haven’t been quite sure how to feed a cat medicine. Remember to ask your veterinarian if the medication your cat is on will work using this method as it can be a real stress reducer. Some medications cannot be given this way or together with other medications, so your veterinarian is happy to guide you in medicating your cat easily and safely.

What Are Some More Best Ways to Give a Cat Medicine?

Cat Medication - Orange tabby cat eating Delectables wet cat treat from a bowl on top of kitchen counter.

Often, cats will eat liquid medication mixed into wet food, such as Delectables wet treats.

Can’t get your cat to take a pill? Many pharmacies can compound cat medication into a tasty tuna or chicken-flavored liquid. Often, cats will eat this liquid mixed into their wet food or their favorite Delectables wet treat when they wouldn’t eat it before.

If your cat is an especially picky eater, transdermal medication can be a lifesaver. Ask your veterinarian if this is an option for your cat, as sometimes medications are not absorbed effectively in this form. It makes giving a cat medicine a breeze! Transdermal medication typically comes in a cream that is absorbed through the skin, usually the inner ear, rather than being given by mouth.

How Can I Train My Cat to Take Medication?

Positive reinforcement training can go a long way when it comes to giving a cat medicine. You don’t have to be an expert cat trainer, either. Try the “making a sandwich” method.

  1. Start out by giving your cat a few of his favorite treats. The lead-up to giving cats medicine can often be the biggest struggle. You and your cat are both stressed before you even get the medication in!
  2. You can make your cat comfortable by using food or by playing with his favorite toy.
  3. Then, give the medication using a syringe or pill popper.
  4. Immediately after, follow up with lots more treats, praise, and playtime.

It’ll look like this: treat, treat, treat, medicine, treat, treat, treat. You’ll notice there are way more cat treats than cat medication. If you try to outweigh the negatives with lots of positives, your cat may not mind the process quite as much.

Cat Medication - A man's hand gives a medicine in a syringe to a Scottish cat wrapped in towel.

You can train your cat by using a syringe to deliver yummy treats as well as medicine.

You can also use your pill popper or syringe to deliver yummy treats to your cat, too – not just medicine. Think about it. If 90% of the time, the syringe is filled with yummy Delectables Lickable Treats, then your cat will probably come running when he sees you get it out! That makes the 10% of the time where it has medication in it, not so bad! You can even use the sandwich method above in tandem with this type of training.

Even if your cat doesn’t currently take medication, practicing some of these skills while they are young or in advance can make giving cats medication much easier when the time comes. With a little patience and preparedness, once you know how to feed a cat medicine, even giving angry cats medicine can be a breeze.

Please consult your veterinarian on the best options in medicating your cat easily and safely.