Hartz Recommends a Late-Summer Dog Grooming Appointment

As August bears down with a few final gusts of heat, you might want to consider bringing your dog to the groomer's one last time before the autumn coat comes in.

As you schedule vaccinations, checkups and the usual end-of-season activities, make an appointment for professional dog grooming to keep your pet happy and healthy. If you're looking for a few reasons to bring your dog to the groomer's before the end of summer, or just want to double check a few things with your groomer or vet, consider these four points.

1. Cooling. Since it is still summer, removing excess shedding will cool off your dog. Just like spring shedding makes way for a lighter summer coat, your dog can always use a little help with some grooming and brushing before autumn. While the groomer can take care of this, there's no reason not to do it yourself every month or so. Be sure to have a variety of tools on hand, including a slicker dog brush that has fine bristles ideal for taking care of everyday shedding.


2. Tangles. Getting out those tangles and clearing up matted fur. Some grooming you just won't be able to tackle on your own, which is where professionals come in. Bringing your dog to a great groomer means any uncomfortable tangles or mats can be cleared up quickly and painlessly. Not only will your dog look great, but he or she will feel great as well.


3. Parasite Protection. Give your pooch the extra once-over for ticks and fleas. It's a well-known fact that fleas and ticks love dogs, mostly because thick and lustrous fur makes for a great hiding place. While you should be doing your best at home with a flea comb for dogs, a professional groomer can give your dog the extra checkup that's always worth it for your pet's health and your own.


4. Ease. Professionals are great at the tough stuff. Cutting your dog's nails isn't easy, especially for those pets with long quicks. Equally as difficult can be the regular bath, especially for dogs that hate the water. Luckily, professional dog groomers are specially trained for all these tough tasks and can easily take the stress off your shoulders.

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