An Easy Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

Ear cleaning is essential to a dogs health.

Cleaning a dogs ears - Vet cleaning a dogs ear at vet clinic

When cleaning your dog's ears, keep them safe by using cotton balls or gauze.

For humans, spring cleaning means tackling those boxes of junk that have been accumulating around the house since Thanksgiving. It means replacing storm windows with screens and taking all the rugs outside to beat the dust out of them. For dogs, on the other hand, the whole process is a lot simpler. They shed, then they get a bath.

Help your dog clean up his or her act with plenty of brushing to help loosen that heavy winter coat and a good scrub to get that fur fresh and soft. But there's one part of a dog that often gets overlooked during a bath and brushing: the ears. Rather than let your dog's floppy ears get dirty, take this springtime weather as an opportunity to clean them so your pet is looking sharper and hearing better than ever before. Just follow these easy steps:

Gather Your Supplies

You'll need some cotton ball and a little ear cleaning fluid. suggests making your own with a mix of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, which should help cut through the waxiness of ear residue.

1. Check for infection

It is also recommended that you screen your dog's ears for infection, preferably more often than you bathe him or her. The ears should be a healthy, pinkish color. Inflammation and swelling, excessive dirt, a strong odor, or general ear sensitivity are signs that something's not as it should be. Immediately call your vet to consult.

2. Clean up

Lather a cotton ball in cleaner and gently massage the inside of the ear for a while. Wipe away dirt and wax with a fresh swab. Avoid using Q-tips and stick to cotton balls or gauze to keep your dog's ears safe.

3. Consider Trimming

Some dogs, like Shih Tzus, Malteses, or Poodles, have continual hair growth within the ear canal, which means you might have to do some trimming. If you're not comfortable taking this on by yourself, head to a groomer, but with a gentle hand and the right tools, you can tackle this yourself.

Download the Infographic

A Guide to Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

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A clean ear is key to avoiding infection, and most dogs don't mind it in the least. So why not make it a regular priority in your dog's grooming?

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