Healthy Eating for Your Cat

As a cat owner, it's your responsibility to make sure that your feline is receiving optimal nutrition.

If yourfeline has become a bit tubby or doesn't seem to have the same spunk that he used to, you may needto examine what he's eating on a regular basis. Keep the following tips in mind to improve your furryfriend's quality of life and increase his longevity.

  1. Food Labels - The next time you're at the pet store and examining the ingredients in your feline'sfood, keep in mind that cats are carnivores and shouldn't be eating the corn, grain and carb-filled foodsthat are very common. Look into products that are made with mostly natural ingredients and are free ofpreservatives and fillers. Going for an even split between a nutritious dry food and a tasty wet food canhelp your cat receive well-rounded nutrition.
  2. Treats - The occasional treat is alright for your furry friend, but you should really search for a productthat will add to his overall nutrition instead of just giving him junk food. If you can't find healthy cattreats at your local pet store, consider looking up all-natural pet stores and holistic vets. These locales will give you great advice to find natural cat treats that can improve animal wellness and prevent anyweight gain.
  3. Multiple Cats - If one of your felines is in need of weight loss more than others, it can be difficult tofeed one feline a specific diet while keeping the other one at bay. According to, whileyou could decide to place the food in a separate area of the house or on a counter top where the other feline can't get it, it may be better just to separate the cats during mealtime. This will prevent your tubbykitty from dipping into extra food and it can help you be diligent about his diet.

Pet nutrition is one of the most important aspects of cat wellness, so use post as your motivation to improve your feline's overall well-being.