Schedule Your Dog’s Spring Checkup

Just like people, dogs need to regularly visit with their medical providers to make sure everything's working in excellent order.

March comes in like a lion but out like a lamb, meaning it’s about time you scheduled a spring vet checkup for your dog. Just like people, dogs need to regularly visit with their medical providers to make sure everything’s working in excellent order. While an annual vet visit is a must, many owners may want to consider taking their pets in once every other season. And since you and your pet are about to be spending a whole lot more time outdoors together, this can be the ideal time to head in for a quick evaluation and a chat. Before you go, make a checklist of things to ask. Consider some of these suggestions.

Talk about ticks

Spring is the beginning of parasite season, and being outside doesn’t help your dog’s chances of dodging ticks. Talk to your vet about various topical drops or flea and tick control. He or she might have some recommendations as well as advice for conducting effective routine parasite checks.

Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations

As always, talk to your veterinarian about keeping your dog up-to-date on vaccinations. This is especially important if you’ve switched vets sometime in the recent past.

Check in regarding dental care

When it comes to dog dental care, most pet parents wonder whether they could be doing more. Chances are, they can. While your dog doesn’t need his or her chompers polished quite as often as people do, regular brushing is definitely in order. Look into various dog toothbrushes and specialty toothpastes, and then try a few until you get the hang of brushing and your pet grows to like the taste.

Weight and nutrition

During the winter, extra weight can become a health hazard for plenty of dogs. If it was snowy and freezing outside, chances are that you and your pet weren’t strolling on long walks. But unlike you, your dog doesn’t have a gym treadmill he or she can work out on! Help your pet shed extra pounds with your vet’s guidance. Don’t embark on a dog diet without consulting him or her first.

Remember that as a dog ages, he or she will need more regular checkups – even as frequent as once a season. Don’t wait for your dog to get sick. Be proactive and keep your companion healthy and happy.

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