Are fleas making your dog depressed?

One minute your pup is running around the house like a ball of energy, and the next he's lying on the floor, head between his paws, glum as can be.

This sudden change in personality could be a result of fleas, causing your pooch to show signs of doggy depression. According to The Dog Daily, these signs may include a loss of appetite, a lack of interest in social activity, weight loss and lethargy.

If your pup seems to be noticeably down in the dumps, you should immediately have him examined by a veterinarian. His behavior may be a result of a more serious medical condition caused by fleas, such as Lyme disease, tapeworm or Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, reported Vetinfo. These conditions must be treated as soon as possible to avoid any future complications.

Of course, always take preventative measures and protect your dog with a flea treatment, like Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops. Don't let fleas keep your energetic pup from being the lively pet you know and love.

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