Won't Leak
Secure Fit

There are many reasons why dogs can benefit from wearing a diaper or male diaper/wrap to help prevent messes.

These aids help your dog regain independence, avoid unwanted
accidents, and interact more fully with you and your family.

Hartz has designed super absorbent, comfortable dog diapers and male diapers/wraps to provide your dog with the best care available from puppyhood into their senior years.

Diapering needs differ for male and female dogs.

Choosing the Right Diaper
or Male Diaper / Wrap

Male and female dogs have different diapering needs. A dog diaper can be worn by both male and female dogs and have a tail hole. Diapers accommodate both urine and feces.

Male diapers/wraps are only for male dogs and are fastened around the waist to only absorb urine.

Hartz offers a variety of sizes of dog diapers and male wraps for dogs.

Variety of Sizes

Leak protection starts with the right fit.

Our diapers and wraps are available in a variety of sizes to provide a comfortable secure fit for every dog, from tiny dogs to large dogs.

Dog diapers and male wraps for dogs are ideal for traveling.

Ideal For...

Dog diapers and male diapers/wraps offer a variety of uses:
• Incontinence
• Excitable urination
• Puppy training
• Travel
• Male marking
• After surgery
• Females in heat

Hartz dog diapers and male wraps for dogs with flash dry technology

FlashDry Technology Gel

Highly absorbent core with Flashdry technology instantly turns urine into a gel for up to 6 hours of leak proof protection, keeping your dog dry and happy.

hartz dog diapers and male wraps for dogs are comfortable and breathable.

Comfortable & Breathable

The expert design of Hartz diapers and male diapers/wraps offer an unmatched fit that’s comfortable and breathable with soft and stretchable gathers, yet snug and secure.

Hartz dog diapers and male wraps for dogs are adjustable.

Customizable Fit

Adjustable & repositionable Velcro tabs can be shifted over and over again so you’re able to position the diaper or male diaper/wrap securely for a tightened and customized fit.

hartz dog diapers and male wraps for dogs come in fun designs

Fun Designs

Each package of diapers or male diapers/wraps include two fun designs!