Little Pets in the Classroom

Caring for little pets teaches children about animal behavior and how to be a responsible pet owner.

Teachers deciding whether to add a bunny, hamster or other small animal into the classroom environment should consider the benefits that having a class pet may instill with the students:
Building Responsibility – While the teacher has to carefully monitor the classroom pet, students can learn and practice responsible pet care by being in charge of feeding, providing water and even caring for the pet during vacation periods.
Opportunity to Learn – Children naturally feel greater affinity to animals that have names. Teachers can create a contest to name the fish.
Confidence Matters – Introducing a small animal to the classroom environment offers endless learning opportunities about the nuances and individualities of the species. Students can be encouraged to create presentations about the animals.
Feeding and nurturing a small animal instills confidence with young students. They realize that they can successfully nurture and care for a small animal.
Caring for a classroom pet is a powerful way to teach children responsiveness for a living and feeling creature. Children exposed to a classroom pet can also be encouraged to volunteer at the local animal shelter or adopt a shelter pet.
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