Hartz True Coat shampoo for curly or wavy coat, thick coat, short & smooth coat dogs.


Since all dogs are different, Hartz True Coat® Shampoo is developed for your dog’s coat type.

Curly or Wavy Coats can be:
Prone to Knotting

Thick Coats can be:
Rough or Dry
Heavy Shedders

Short & Smooth Coats can be:
Prone to Skin Irritation

Hartz natural dog shampoo comes in three varieties.

Unique Benefits

True Coat® shampoos are uniquely formulated for your dog’s coat type, each shampoo provides benefits specific to your dog’s coat needs.

Hartz True Coat, Thick Coat dog shampoo is a deshedding shampoo for dogs.

Thick Coat

Reduces excess shedding by strengthening the coat and softens the fur by utilizing oat milk, coconut oil, and aloe for dogs.

Hartz True Coat soothing shampoo for dogs.

Short & Smooth Coat

Soothes the skin, while adding luster and shine to your dog’s coat by utilizing oat milk, coconut oil, and vitamin E for dogs.

Hartz True Coat offers a detangler shampoo for dogs.

Curly or Wavy Coat

The shampoo detangles and revives coat texture while restoring moisture by utilizing oat milk, coconut oil, and shea butter for dogs.

Hartz True Coat natural dog shampoos offer a line of detangler, deshedding and soothing shampoo for dogs.

Made with Naturally Derived Ingredients

This gentle shampoo is specifically formulated with a blend of oat milk, coconut oil, and either aloe, vitamin E, or shea butter to help promote a healthy skin and coat!

Thick Shampoo:
With Aloe to help moisturize & strengthen the coat to reduce shedding

Short & Smooth Shampoo:
With Vitamin E which is an antioxidant to help soothe the skin & lock in shine

Curly or Wavy Shampoo:
With Shea Butter which provides intense conditioning properties to help detangle.

All True Coat® Shampoos are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes, Silicones, Phthalates, Alcohol, and are Cruelty free.

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