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Home For Good

Most recently Hartz donated more than 400 packages of its award-winning dog pads to Home for Good Dog Rescue Wellness Center in South Carolina The Home for Good Dog Rescue is celebrating...

Shelter and Rescue Support

Hartz is committed to helping animal shelters across the country to improve the adoption rate and the health of the animals when they are adopted We are also committed to educational...
We support the efforts of local animal shelters everywhere

The Facts About Hartz Flea and Tick Drops

At Hartz, we’re pet people – it’s all that we do and, as such, we are dedicated to providing pet parents with effective and affordable products that eliminate fleas, ticks and...
Affordable and EPA-approved, Hartz products can safely be used

Hartz Product Safety

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency responsible for registering, monitoring and reviewing the use of pesticides on pets in the US The EPA rates all flea...
With a low toxicity, Hartz UltraGuard® is safe for dogs and cats

Safety & Environmental Pledge

Our Pledge We hold our products to the strictest efficacy and safety standards by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration If there is no animal...
Working closely with the EPA, we only sell safe pet products

Training Pad Flash Dry® technology

Anyone who has ever housebroken a puppy knows how messy it can be, but who can be there around the clock to take the puppy out Hartz can with their Flash-Dry® Technology for complete home...
With Hartz, you always have the pet supplies you need most

Hartz® Grooming Tools

At Hartz, our R&D experts are involved in every new product that we introduce From concept development to execution, each of our products is created with, and tested by, our in-house...
Backed by a lifetime warranty, our dog grooming tools endure

Research & Innovation

Hartz Research and Innovation Development At the Hartz Mountain Research Center, our research team is made up of veterinarians, entomologists, engineers, chemists, nutritionists, and...
Hartz leads the industry with its dog dental care supplies