Introducing the latest advancement in dog pad technology.

Hartz Home Protection Miracle Guard dog pads are designed for up to 3X longer use than leading competitors. Built with 3X more absorbency and featuring a spot-concealing, quick-drying top sheet to provide more clean, fresh areas with no leaks or odors.

Confidently leave your dog pads down for an extended period of time without compromising a clean home.

Woman with dog and Miracle Guard dog pad.

Lasts up to 3X Longer

Miracle Guard dog pads provide protection against leaks and odors for up to 3x longer than the leading competitors. They are ideal for pet parents who want to keep their dog pads down for an extended period without sacrificing cleanliness.

content small dog lying on a sofa.

3x Absorbency, Rapid Absorption

Miracle Guard pads have 3X more absorption capacity than our top selling pad! These extra absorbent dog pads quickly soak up liquid into a smaller spot.

Faster absorption reduces odor & gives your pet more clean, fresh area to use!

Smal dog on a Miracle Guard extra absorbent dog pads.

Spot-Concealing Quick-Dry Top Sheet

No more liquid pooling on pads, wet paws tracking, or unsightly yellow stains with Miracle Guard pads.

Leave the pad down longer without making your home look dirty!

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