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How to Introduce Two Cats

Despite myths that cats are antisocial and like to be alone, most cats do enjoy the company of another member of their species When left to their own devices outdoors, you’ll find...
Two cats getting to know each other. Cat introductions can take time.

Solving Your Cat’s Litter Box Problems

One of the most common behavioral reasons cats are surrendered to shelters is because they stop using the litter box This is a sad statistic, because the majority of litter box issues...
Cat in litter box staring at the camera. Litter box training for cats and kittens.

Teaching Your Cat to Love Their Carrier

One of the most stressful times in your cat’s life (not to mention your life!) is when it’s time to go to the vet One look at the carrier sends your cat flying under the bed, and by the...
Cat exploring outside of it's cat carrier. Learn more about cat carrier training.

Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Houseplants

If you’re here because your animal is exhibiting concerning symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately or visit the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control database These days, it can seem...
Curious cat near the leaf of a house plant. Learn more about pet friendly indoor plants.

Will My Cat and Dog Get Along?

A dog’s territorial nature and a cat’s skittishness might make them seem incompatible But it doesn’t mean they can’t share the same space – or become best friends With some...
Kitten and dog sleeping next to each other. Learn more about cats and dogs living together.

Protecting Your Kitty from Summertime Heat

Even in your home, cats can heat up quickly as temperatures rise Ensuring your kitty is comfortable during the hotter months can help them avoid overheating and preserve their playfulness...
Cat lying on porch in the summer sun. Protect your cat from summer heat.

National Pet Month 2020, Hartz Loving Paws

With warmer weather comes increased risk for pets, including dehydration and heat stroke, fleas and ticks and toxic lawn care products The Hartz Loving Paws™ Shelter Protection Pack...
Happy dog wagging it's tail. Find more information on dog adoption and shelter donations

Are you playing nice with your kitten?

Kittens learn a lot from family members during their first 12 weeks of life Whether they’re roughhousing with siblings or testing boundaries with their mother, a kitten’s education...
Kitten playing with toy. Teaching kittens how to play is important.

Can Pets Spread the COVID-19 Virus?

As news about coronavirus COVID-19 continues to develop, it’s caused some pet owners to worry if their pet could transmit the virus or even become ill But so far, the news is good for...
Man petting dog. What are the symptoms of coronavirus in dogs?