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Safe Usage is Crucial with Flea & Tick Products

There are dozens of different types of flea and tick products for pets, including powders, collars, dips, sprays, shampoos, topical spot-on liquid products, pills given by mouth, and more. Some products are only available from a veterinarian while others can be purchased at retail. These products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of […]

Dental Disease in Dogs & Cats

Many pet parents may be surprised to learn that dental disease is considered the most common medical condition in dogs and cats. Dental disease is known more accurately as periodontal disease because it affects the gums in addition to the teeth. There is growing scientific evidence that indicates that periodontal disease is a risk factor […]

Troubleshooting Litterbox Problems

At some point, almost every cat owner experiences this common problem: your perfectly litter-trained cat suddenly stops using the litterbox. He may decide to eliminate in the clothes hamper, the bathtub or even right next to the litterbox. Either way, this presents a problem. Generally, cats that suddenly change their litterbox habits usually do it […]

The Three Most Common Places Fleas Are Found

Adult fleas are parasites that tend to live on the back, neck and underside regions of cats and dogs, with the eggs, larvae and pupae living off the host. But where are fleas before they latch onto an unsuspecting cat or dog?   The Yard – Fleas thrive in many climates but prefer moist, humid […]

Climate Changes and Flea & Tick Infestation

“Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880,” reports NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. While we could traditionally count on the late spring and summer months as being “flea and tick season,” the effects of global warming are extending the season dramatically. When the weather gets warm […]

Litter Box Training

Your kitten pees and poops on his own. It’s time to learn to use the litter box. Wild kitties instinctively eliminate in loose material like dirt or sand. When they finish, they cover their waste to hide their presence from larger predators and more dominant cats. That tiny kitten you’ve been stimulating with a cotton […]

Is He Really an Orphan?

Since cats usually make such great moms, they don’t abandon their kittens without a good reason You’re walking along minding your own business when you happen upon a kitten or a litter of kittens who appear to be alone. Don’t jump to conclusions. Just because you don’t see mom doesn’t mean she’s not hovering nearby. […]

Determining the Age of Your Orphan Kitten

A one-week old kitten needs a completely different level of care than a four week old. You’ve rescued an adorable little fluff ball. Before you can decide what you need to do next, you need to determine his age. A one-week old kitten needs a completely different level of care than a four week old. […]

Immediate Warmth will be your First Order of Business

You’ve discovered a kitten (or a litter of kittens) that feels cool to the touch. You can’t find the mom. What should you do first? Kittens need warmth more than anything else—even more than food. Your first priority is to get the kitten out of harm’s way and warm that baby up. Never feed a […]

Your Kitten’s Emotional Needs

Without a mother to teach her how to be a cat, the job falls on you. Learn what you must do to make her a happy, well-adjusted kitty. Your kitten knows you’re the Food Person. She also gets that you’re the Potty Person, the Laundry Person and the Spa Attendant. There’s so much work involved […]

Going to the Bathroom

Kittens under three weeks are going to need your help to go to the bathroom. This is how you do it. When you gotta go, ya gotta go. After all, there’s nothing worse than not being able to use the bathroom when the urge hits you. But because they don’t have the strength in their […]

Bathtime For Kittens

Mom cats keep their kittens squeaky clean. You should too. The kittens have been fed and wee-ed, but wait, you haven’t finished your motherly duties. Wipe his little private parts off with warm, moist cotton balls until he is clean. As the kittens mature and become more active, they will crawl about and pee or […]

What’s Wrong with My Kitten?

Kittens can go from feeling fine to sick as a dog very quickly. Watch for these signs of illness. Mother cats, or queens, have so many kittens because in a natural setting few babies survive. With predators, disease, parasites, accidents and birth defects, a queen is fortunate to have any kittens make it to adulthood. […]

Bottle Feeding the Newborn Kitten

Kittens grow at an astounding rate, making proper nutrition vital for healthy growth and development. Sometimes it becomes necessary to feed your newborn kitten. This can be because of abandonment or loss of the mother, because the mother cannot produce enough milk to feed all of the young or because one of the newborns is […]

Planning A Road Trip with Your Cat

By Sandy Robins If you’re planning a road trip over the Labor Day weekend that will include your cat, you can make it stress free by following the Boy Scouts’ motto to “be prepared”. It’s a good idea to own two cat carriers; one exclusively for trips to the vet and another strictly for going […]