The Benefits of Wet Cat Treats

Wet cat treats are fast becoming the new favorite type of treats for cat owners and cats alike. There are many benefits to making them a regular part of your cat’s diet.

Wet cat treats - Closeup of gray cat eating a Squeeze Up wet cat treat.

Wet cat treats can help keep your furbaby hydrated.

When you think about cat treats, you’re probably imagining a resealable plastic pouch full of dry, crunchy pieces. Cats respond when you shake that little bag of treats and they hear the crinkle of the plastic. However, over the last few years, a new kind of snack for cats has grown in popularity. Wet cat treats are fast becoming the new favorite type of treat for cat owners and cats alike. There are many benefits to making them a regular part of your cat’s diet.

Why Wet Cat Treats Are a Healthy Choice

  • Hydration. Because our modern-day cats retain much of the same genetic makeup as their ancient, desert-dwelling ancestors, they can get by without much water intake. But “getting by” sometimes doesn’t cut it, especially in adult male cats who are more prone to kidney and bladder issues. Medical concerns caused by lack of hydration vary from mild to life-threatening, so anything cat owners can do to increase liquid intake matters. Adding wet food for cats to your cat’s diet and providing them with a cat water fountain (rather than a bowl with still water) can help with hydration. You can also provide them with Delectables Lickable Treats on a regular basis! These moisture-rich cat treats help add healthy hydration to your cat’s diet.
  • Easier on senior cats. Wet treats are easier for your cat to swallow and digest, making them perfect for seniors. Delectables Lickable Treats come in special formulas for seniors age 10 and up, which include vitamins your older cat needs in a highly palatable, lickable form.  Formulas for super-seniors age 15 and up have additional benefits that help support digestion and kidney function.
  • Good for kittens, too! Choose Hartz’s specially formulated complete and balanced kitten wet treats to promote healthy growth in your little guy.

Other Advantages of Wet Cat Treats

  • Easy to serve. Delectables wet cat treats come in two forms: pouches and squeeze-up tubes. For the pouches, hold the edges of the pouch with both hands and gently shake to move the contents to the bottom. Tear open and pour into a bowl. Delectables Squeeze Up can be delivered directly to your cat. Tear off the top and slowly squeeze out the wet treat inside, letting your cat lick it right from the tube!
  • Plenty of variety. Just like dry treats, wet treats come in multiple tasty flavors that your cat will love. Choose from tuna, chicken, shrimp, and more! Wet treats for cats come in a variety of textures, too, from savory broths to hearty stews, to creamy bisque, to succulent chowder.
  • Wet cat treats - Orange cat on top of counter eating a Lickable Treat in bowl handed to them by a female hand.

    Lickable Treats come in a variety of flavors and textures and are easy to serve in a bowl.

    Decrease boredom. Use a slow feeder bowl or a puzzle toy to give your cat some extra entertainment while enjoying a wet treat as a snack. Cats are natural foragers and enjoy the opportunity to hunt and work for their meals from time to time.

  • Entice your sick kitty. Wet treats tend to have a strong aroma, so if your cat’s sense of smell has been reduced for any reason, they can be a good option to entice him to eat. They can be served alone or as a topper or mixed in with your cat’s normal food as well.
  • A favorite for rescue and shelter cats. When you adopt a cat, they are often very scared and stressed out. They may even stop eating for a few days. Because wet treats are so flavorful and palatable, they can often be just the answer to getting that scared kitty to take those first couple of bites. That extra special treat can be just enough to make him feel like everything’s going to be okay.

Unique Features and Flavors of Hartz Wet Cat Treats

Wet treats are a delicious snack that you can feel good about feeding your cat. If your cat hasn’t had a chance to try them yet, they're missing out! Be sure to try all the textures and varieties so they can let you know what they prefer: will it be the creamy bisque or the hearty stew? The chicken or the tuna? Whatever their choice, your cat will thank you!