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How to Brush Your Cat’s Coat

Cats shed because their hair grows in cycles From the root, the hair grows rapidly then slowly, and finally there is a resting period When new hair begins to grow, it pushes out the older...
A siamese cat resting indoors after being brushed

Picking the Right Brush for Your Cat

While grooming can be a potentially unpleasant experience for both you and your cat, knowing which brush to use can help ease the process Unless you plan to show your cat at a competition,...
Young girl using brushing her short haired orange pet cat

How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

A desire to scratch is one of the cat's most basic, natural instincts  And for you, the cat owner, protecting your furniture and your family from being scratched is one of your basic...
Cat stretching its claws outside, in need of a grooming or trimming

How to Bathe Your Cat

Bathing, brushing/combing, and clipping nails are the three most important ways you can help your cat stay well groomed It is a common misconception that cats do not need a bath at all, but...
Bathing your cat regularly will help with their grooming

Winter Can Bring Dandruff

Written by Dr Elizabette Cohen, Veterinarian, Radio Personality & Pet Owner Dandruff or seborrhea sicca, as it is technically called, is the excessive shedding of dead skin cells In...

4 Proven Cat Bathing Tips

Bathing a cat can be necessary to help combat a nasty battle with fleas, treat a skin condition, clean up an adventurous feline explorer or to remove a potentially harmful substance from...
Shampooing your cat by hand, you'll know how to give them a bath

5 easy steps for bathing your cat

After all, many cat lovers have borne their share of scratches from botched bath attempts No wonder we usually let cats leave the cleaning to themselves But with the right tips – and a...
Have all your supplies in hand before you give your cat a bath

Prepping Your Home for Spring Shedding

The coming season is when your dog or cat will lose the thick undercoat that he or she grows to stay warm during the winter, which will pave the way for a new coat to be grown during the...
While some dog breeds won't shed, be ready for spring cleaning

Is It Safe To Declaw Your Cat?

In reality, this operation has become frowned upon in the veterinary community and can sometimes lead to a variety of feline health concerns that are quite preventable What does...
A good rule of thumb: trim your cat's claws every 10-14 days