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Traveling with Your Cat

Cats present some unique challenges when it comes to transporting them from one place to another. Cats do not tend to be the greatest of travelers. They establish a strong bond with their own territory and feel vulnerable away from their home. By planning ahead, however, you can take a few bumps out of the […]

The Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post

Though it may not seem like an essential cat accessory at first, you will soon see why a cat scratching post is an indispensable item for feline owners. A cat scratching post may seem like an innocuous enough piece of furniture. It is, after all, simply a post or board covered in carpeting or roping. […]

Choosing the Right Cat Bed for Your Pet Cat

Rest is an essential part of your cat’s life. Here’s what to think about when choosing a cat bed for your feline friend. Though it may not seem like the most important aspect of cat care, choosing the right cat bed is critical. A cat will spend a lot of time in her bed, and […]

Decorative Ideas For A Cat Friendly Home

By Sandy Robins Statistics show that cats that enjoy an indoors-only lifestyle live longer because they’re aren’t exposed to such outside dangers as traffic, animal abusers, predators and disease. However it’s important to compensate for keeping them inside by enriching their lives with much needed mental and physical stimulation. A few simple decorating ideas can […]

Choosing Furniture for Your Cat

When it comes to choosing cat furniture, keep feline behavior in mind. Even if you buy top-of-the-line cat furniture, your cat may prefer your furniture. Before making a purchase, take into account these points on cat behavior: Cats tend to get bored easily. A piece of furniture with lots of activity options is more likely […]

Plant a Garden for Your Cat

Your cat loves your garden as much as you do. And despite all your tricky and sneaky tactics to keep her out of your plants, she seems to out-smart you every time. Why share when you can plant your cat her own lush paradise. We know, it seems kind of silly to harvest plants just […]