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Troubleshooting Litterbox Problems

At some point, almost every cat owner experiences this common problem: your perfectly litter-trained cat suddenly stops using the litterbox. He may decide to eliminate in the clothes hamper, the bathtub or even right next to the litterbox. Either way, this presents a problem. Generally, cats that suddenly change their litterbox habits usually do it […]

How Black Cats Came To Halloween

Black cats are a classic Halloween symbol, but how did their special place in the fall come to be? Black cats have long served as objects of superstition. In Medieval France and Spain, black cats were considered bringers of bad luck and curses to any human they came near, and were associated with witchcraft. Many […]

Helping Your Cat Get Exercise This Winter

For an outdoors cat, the winter months can be a difficult time to exercise. Follow these tips to keep kitty in shape. Cats and people share a lot in common, but one thing you might’ve noticed this winter is that you and your kitty are spending more time indoors on the couch. But while you have the […]

Celebrate the Holidays Safely with Your Cat

The holidays can be a wonderful, but sometimes dangerous, time for cats. As a member of your family, your pet is part of the celebration. But when holiday visitors come and go, consider keeping your cats in a quiet room while you entertain so they don’t escape amid the chaos. Also decorate your home and […]

The Joys of Catnip

Not all cats respond to catnip, but those that do, exhibit a boundless joy. Catnip or catmint, as it is known in some areas, is a gray-greenish herb from the mint family, and is safe and non-addictive for cats. Not all cats respond to catnip (about 70% are able to respond), but if you are […]

Games to Play with Your Cat

Other than sleeping and eating, play is a major part of a cat’s life. Playing with your cat strengthens your bond, helps disperse aggression, reduces fear, builds trust and confidence in shy cats and corrects inappropriate biting and scratching. By setting aside playtime, you will provide exercise for both the mind and body of your […]

Choosing Toys for Your Cat

Between hiding, chomping, or just getting bored with them, your cat can never have enough toys. Your cat is innately curious and naturally playful. She will play with you, another cat, or even a puppy. Toys serve many useful purposes for your cat, keeping her fit both physically and mentally. Without toys your cat will […]

Putting the Brakes on Feline Aggressive Behavior

There’s a reason – and a resolution – for most types of aggressive feline behavior. Fortunately, most aggression can be stopped or modified once you understand the trigger(s) that drive your cat’s behavior. While some are obvious, others are more subtle and will take patience and careful observation on your part to decode. Most types […]

Territorial Marking Behavior in Cats

Marking may have evolved to minimize contact with other cats. Experts believe that cats developed marking behaviors to minimize contact with other cats, thus enhancing their odds of survival. Marking their territory is their primary means of communicating with other cats and letting them know another cat is in the area. If you are finding […]

Your Cat’s Body Language

Cats communicate with humans and each other in many unique ways. The wild ancestor of the housecat was a solitary creature. Unlike dogs or horses, they were not pack or herd animals and preferred to hunt alone. Through many years of domestication, the cat has learned to live with both humans and other animals. This […]

Walking A Cat: How to Teach Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

If you think that dog owners have all the fun when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in the company of their pets, think again! It takes a bit of time and a little planning, but with the right equipment and attitude, it won’t be long before you’ll be sharing sunny days around your […]

Teaching Your Cat Tricks

With patience and practice, you can train your cat to become a world-class performer. Everyone is familiar with the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But what about teaching a cat – one of any age – to do some of the tricks that we expect our canine companions to perform? […]

Keeping Your Home Odor Free

Regular litter box maintenance and careful clean-up can keep your house smelling fresh. No one likes a home that smells of cat odor. Cat odor can come from a variety of places: litter boxes, cat urine and feces. Each can be managed effectively with a little attention. Litter Boxes The simplest solution for a smelly […]

How to Stop Your Cat From Biting

Cats bite for a variety of reasons. It’s important to understand why if you want to stop it. Some cats love to bite their owners. Some biting can be playful, but biting for the most part is undesirable behavior. Different cats bite for different reasons. In order to fix your cat’s biting behavior, you must […]

Introducing Your Kitten to Their Litter Environment

Cats are fastidious creatures, even at a young age. Follow these simple steps to make housetraining a snap. Give your kitten a safe place to adjust to her new home: A young kitten, especially, might be nervous in her new surroundings. To minimize your kitten’s anxiety and assist with training, confine her to a quiet, […]