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Leash Training Your Cat

Teaching a cat to walk on a leash is almost like training a dog, but a little more complex Get the right supplies Cats need both a harness and a leash It’s a good idea to measure your...
Your cat may resist a leash at first, but they'll soon appreciate it

Caring for feral cats in the winter

It’s only natural to want to help these felines and bring them to a shelter to find a good home, but they are feral and the outdoors is essentially their home year-round Worse yet, if you...
Care for feral cats safely and humanely in your own way

Bringing Home Baby… To Your Pets!

Even the friendliest of pets could potentially get into an unexpected dangerous situation before you know it  We will cover some general dog and cat tips that will help smooth this...
Acclimate your cats and dogs to your new baby