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Will My Cat and Dog Get Along?

A dog’s territorial nature and a cat’s skittishness might make them seem incompatible But it doesn’t mean they can’t share the same space – or become best friends With some...
Kitten and dog sleeping next to each other. Learn more about cats and dogs living together.

Sleeping with pets may bring fleas into the bed

Flea and tick control is especially important if you let your pet sleep in your bed Many pet owners like to curl up with their dog – in fact, the 2015-2016 American Pet Products...
woman in bed with dog that may bring fleas in bed

A Safe, Soft Place: Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Bed

Though many people think dogs can curl up and sleep most anywhere, your furry friend really shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor You also probably don’t want him climbing up on your beds...
An adult dog lounging on his bed during the daytime

Christmas Trees and Dogs Don’t Mix

Next to you, your dog may think that your Christmas tree is her best friend –at least during the holidays Most dogs are instinctively drawn to its inviting smell and the allure of gift...
A happy dog posing in front of a Christmas tree

Keep Your Dog Safe During the Holidays

A shimmering tree, brightly-wrapped gifts, hearty fare and family gatherings make the holidays magical for you and your family For your dog, however, these same joys can be hazardous to...

Choosing a Bed for Your Dog

New dog owners are often shocked by how much their dog sleeps Most dogs sleep for 12 hours a day, and some breeds will doze for as much as 18 hours The truth is, however, that when dogs are...
Dogs can sleep as long as 12 hours a day inside of a dog bed