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Dental Disease in Dogs & Cats

Many pet parents may be surprised to learn that dental disease is considered the most common medical condition in dogs and cats. Dental disease is known more accurately as periodontal disease because it affects the gums in addition to the teeth. There is growing scientific evidence that indicates that periodontal disease is a risk factor […]

Know How to use Dog Treats Properly in Training

Using treats in dog training can be difficult. It’s tempting to either hand them out too freely or to refrain from using them too much. The key is to find a balance. Dog training can be a difficult process to get right. Delicate balances need to be struck between expectation and reward, incentive and instinct. […]

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Cleaning your dog’s teeth frequently and keeping an eye out for dental problems are simple steps you can take to keep your dog healthy. Oral disease affects an astounding 80 percent of dogs by the time they are age 3. In fact, experts warn it’s the most frequently diagnosed health problem for dogs. The culprit […]

Bad Dog Breath: Causes, Cures, and Prevention

Bad dog breath is one of the most easily diagnosed canine ailments. It’s also one that you might feel even more eager to address than usual. Bad dog breath is a condition pet owners know well, especially those who’ve dealt with it before. Scientifically known as halitosis, bad breath is often dismissed as something all […]

Oral Care and Your Dog’s Health

Oral health is a quality of life issue for your dog. It’s a fact; keeping your pet’s mouth healthy will result in a healthier body. As with humans, there is a very real link between periodontal disease (“peri” means around, “dontal” means tooth) and overall health. In humans, there is an association between oral disease […]

Dental Essentials for Dogs

Oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in dogs. Keeping your dog’s teeth strong is a very important part of her overall health care.  According to a study by the American Veterinary Dental Society, oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in dogs. Although regular dental checkups and professional cleanings are […]