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Tips for exercising your dog in chilly weather

Some breeds, like the Husky and the St Bernard, are practically made for the winter, but many smaller breeds can get cold easily and may be resistant to the idea of going outside when it's...
It's a good habit to clothe your dog when exercising in the winter

Top 5 Wellness Improvements for Older Dogs

Senior dogs have far more everyday needs than younger ones, and it's your job as a pet parent to ensure that your pet's health and overall wellness needs are met during his or her golden...
Keep your older dog healthy with the best foods available

Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe from the Sun

You might think that flea and tick control is your only concern this coming summer, but the fact of the matter is that plenty of environmental factors may become a threat to animal wellness...
With your dog's breed in mind, think about their safety in the sun

Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Flea-Free

However, the Gridley Herald reported that the real problem might not be in your yard - your pet's sleeping area may be the real trouble Many experts agree that one of the most overlooked...
A flea and tick treatment will spare you and your pet lots of stress

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables for your Dog

In addition to improving your dog's overall fitness level, adding natural ingredients and other healthy changes to your companion's diet is a great step in the right direction Thankfully,...
Diversify your dog's diet with an offering of fruits and vegetables

Keeping your Dog Safe during Flu Season

But did you know that the flu can be contracted by dogs as well While you know how to take care of yourself, taking care of your dog and protecting him or her from the dangers of influenza...
Staying indoors is the best prevention against the flu for dogs