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Are ticks making your dog more aggressive?

Lyme disease is a serious condition that is transferred to dogs by deer ticks, and it could cause your dog to exhibit behavioral changes, including irritability, aggression and other health...
aggressive dogs aggression may be caused by lyme disease

Are fleas making your dog depressed?

This sudden change in personality could be a result of fleas, causing your pooch to show signs of doggy depression According to The Dog Daily, these signs may include a loss of appetite,...
depressed dog lying on sofa. Are fleas making your dog depressed?

Why are fleas attracted to my dog?

Whether it's your first time dealing with the infestation or you and your dog are long-time troopers, it's evident that fleas are aggravating insects whose only desire seems to be to cause...
brown dog staring. why are fleas attracted to my dog.

How do flea collars work?

When you put a flea collar on your dog or cat, it releases chemicals that spread along your pet's body through the oils on his fur and skin, according to MedicAnimalcom These chemicals...
brown dog with flea collar on neck. how do flea collars work on dogs

Fleas thrive in the rain

While some may think that rain can wash away or drown fleas hiding in the grass, the opposite is actually true, making flea control all the more important to protect your pooch Fleas are...
dog staring out rainy window. fleas thrive in the rain

Are fleas lurking in your garbage cans?

According to the Washington County Health Department in Colorado, fleas may be found around garbage cans in your town or in collection barrels in the yard Fleas can be carried by animals...
Dog peering into a kitchen garbage can. Are fleas lurking in your garbage cans?

Why can’t I use dog flea products on my cat?

But even if you only use a small dose of a flea treatment not meant for cats, you may be putting your pet at risk It's important to buy different products to treat animals of different...
dog and cat lying outside. Dog flea treatment cannot be used on cats