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How to Naturally Treat Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a big nuisance for pets and their owners, and can carry a number of serious diseases The best way to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your pet – and in your home...
how to naturally treat fleas and ticks

Can wild turkeys keep your yard free of ticks?

According to Wild Birds Unlimited, an adult turkey is one of the most voracious tick predators around, and an individual may eat 200 or more of these little critters in a given day The...
Wild turkey that may be able to control the tick population in your yard

What to know before flea bombing

When fleas overtake every nook and cranny of your home, the most effective way to eliminate them is with a flea bomb or fogger While using a bomb or fogger in your house can be a...
Image of a living room in need of a flea bomb.

Sleeping with pets may bring fleas into the bed

Flea and tick control is especially important if you let your pet sleep in your bed Many pet owners like to curl up with their dog – in fact, the 2015-2016 American Pet Products...
woman in bed with dog that may bring fleas in bed

Are ticks making your dog more aggressive?

Lyme disease is a serious condition that is transferred to dogs by deer ticks, and it could cause your dog to exhibit behavioral changes, including irritability, aggression and other health...
aggressive dogs aggression may be caused by lyme disease

Are fleas making your dog depressed?

This sudden change in personality could be a result of fleas, causing your pooch to show signs of doggy depression According to The Dog Daily, these signs may include a loss of appetite,...
depressed dog lying on sofa. Are fleas making your dog depressed?