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Dogs At Work

While many people will take their dogs to work for fun on June 24th in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work DayTM, for many dogs June 24th will be just another day at work Service dogs...

Dog Games: Teach Your Dog the Right Way to Play

Playing is an important part of your dog’s daily routine It is important that he spends an ample amount of time playing so he can stay healthy, fit, and happy Playing can also be a fun...
Playing a game of tug of war with your dog, outside on the grass

Back To School…Doggie School

He’s been pampered all summer long with walks outside, playtime at the park, and frolicking at the beach Don’t make him sit home alone all day Look into boarding, day care, training...
A pair of dogs playing with each other outside at a doggy school

Assistance Dogs

Service dogs can be found hard at work each day providing guide, hearing, seizure response, and emotional support for people The US Department of Justice, through the Americans with...
Service dog wearing a harness walking in a crowd of people

Howl’oween Good Fun

Pooches of all sizes seem to enjoy the camaraderie of taking part in a special doggie parade or even the fun of trick 'r treating in the neighborhood You can always host your own...
Horns of consecration upon a dog's head, for a halloween costume

Dressing Up Your Pets

When Madonna sang "Strike a pose" in her 1980s hit, "Vogue," you can bet she wasn't talking about high fashion for pets How things have changed! Now, whatever kind of pet you have, and...
Small dog clutching a tennis ball in their mouth, dressed in clothing

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Dog

Whether you are trying to decide on the perfect gift or how to keep your dog safe around the holiday confusion, these simple guidelines can help make your holiday the best yet Avoiding...
A dog waiting patiently in front of tree during the holidays

How to Enjoy Summer Fun with Your Dog

If your dog joins you regularly on excursions, it’s worth investing in his own kit that you can grab and go just as you would do for kids Invest in a doggie backpack with a leash...
During the summer, your dog may enjoy running along the beach

Understanding Dog Play Behaviors

To determine the kind of toys your dog will most enjoy and benefit from, first consider his personality and play behavior Your dog will most likely fall into one of three categories,...
Jumping to catch a tennis ball at the park, dog exhibits playful behavior