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Keeping your Pooch in Shape

However, there's no reason that you should leave your dog at home while you're working on your beach bod! According to the ASPCA, there are many engaging activities that can improve dog...
You can partake in fun activities with your dog, like jogging

Keeping Doggie Doo at Bay (and out of it!)

DoodyCalls, a Virginia-based pet waste pick-up service, has recently focused on spreading awareness about the growing public health problem of unattended dog waste The company put together...
Biodegradable bags for dog poop respect the environment

Dog Park Etiquette

Most dog owners can agree that what they have to offer is invaluable Once you arrive at a park with your dog, it may be really tempting to just unleash your dog (if allowed) and stand back...
Immunize your dog's before visiting the dog park

Toy Maintenance

Keeping your dog's toys all together in a single place will make it easy for you to keep track of them It will also make it easier to go through them on a regular basis and decide which...
Regular sanitizing is how you should clean a dog's toys

Bringing Home Baby… To Your Pets!

Even the friendliest of pets could potentially get into an unexpected dangerous situation before you know it  We will cover some general dog and cat tips that will help smooth this...
Acclimate your cats and dogs to your new baby

How to demonstrate leadership to your dog

It is important to remember that leaders move first and determine the direction in which to take When going outside for a walk, your dog may be inclined to bolt outside as soon as the...
Be the pack leader with your dog by training at the front door

Training Tip: How to Keep your Dog from Biting

Though dog training can help greatly reduce your dog’s likelihood of biting, there is no way to ensure that your canine companion will not at some point resort to this aggressive tactic...
Dog Training 101: How to Prevent Against Biting