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How to Deal With an Overweight Fish

If your fish is looking a little overweight/fat, it could be caused by a number of different things, and not just that he’s eating too much. If you’ve been watching your fish lately and one of them seems to be getting pretty weighty, you may just think he’s been getting a little too much to […]

Foods Fish Should Avoid

Feed your fish diets specifically formulated for their type and beware of toxins. Most manufactured fish foods contain all of the nutrients your fish should need. The proportions and quantities, however, may not be appropriate for your fish type. There are some ingredients whose levels can be harmful to your fish – and some common […]

Stress in Fish: Symptoms and Solutions

Just like humans, fish often have to cope with stress and its complications. You may gaze into your aquarium sometimes and think about what a peaceful life it must be. After all, fish get to swim around all day in a beautiful tank and get fed and cared for by their owner. Though it seems […]

Common Fish Ailments

All living things, including your aquarium fish, are subject to disease organisms and parasites. Under normal circumstances, your healthy fish can fight off many common diseases and parasites. When the environment is not maintained correctly, or stress sets in, your fish can and will get sick. Left unchecked, disease and parasites can affect the entire […]