Assemble an eclectic and colorful community of fish for your tank

Building a Fish Community

Most new fish owners start with a community tank, where multiple fish species are kept What should you...
Young student staring at a small bowl containing pet goldfish

Bringing Fish into the Classroom

An aquarium provides a tranquil and soothing visual oasis for children While children will not be able to...
Yellow pet fish swimming in fresh water pond

Adding Fish to Your New Pond

Like most other animals, fish need the right habitat to survive So when you’re about to introduce fish to...
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Keeping a Healthy Aquarium

Think of your aquarium as one living, breathing organism If one part of the whole does not work or is thrown off, the other parts suffer, or over-compensate There are a number of factors to...
A group of small purplish fish swimming in a freshwater aquarium

Fish Owners Vacation Tips

What to do about taking care of your fish when you go on vacation You have a number of options Follow these basic pre-vacation guidelines and you can leave knowing your fish’s needs are...
Ideally, the fish in your tank should have access to 8 hours of light

Feeding Your Fish While You’re Away

In a healthy, well-filtered aquarium with normally well-fed tropical fish, your fish could actually go several days between feeding sessions without any long-term effects on their health...
When hungry, your fish will swim to the surface of your tank

How to Deal With an Overweight Fish

If you’ve been watching your fish lately and one of them seems to be getting pretty weighty, you may just think he’s been getting a little too much to eat This may be the case, but...
Your common freshwater aquarium fish can indeed get overweight

Foods Fish Should Avoid

Most manufactured fish food contain all of the nutrients your fish should need The proportions and quantities, however, may not be appropriate for your fish type There are some ingredients...
You'll have healthy fish if they feed them dry food with little water

Stress in Fish: Symptoms and Solutions

You may gaze into your aquarium sometimes and think about what a peaceful life it must be After all, fish get to swim around all day in a beautiful tank and get fed and cared for by their...
When swimming in his tank, your fish may be suffering from a disease

Common Fish Ailments

Under normal circumstances, your healthy fish can fight off many common diseases and parasites When the environment is not maintained correctly, or stress sets in, your fish can and will...
Discoloration on your fish's scales may be symptoms of a disease

Understanding Aggressive Fish

Many species of fish are naturally aggressive which can lead to problems with attacks on other fish in the tank That said, this isn’t a reason to avoid these species, though, as many of...
Introducing a new fish species to your tank, beware of aggression

Fish Behavior Basics

Though you may not spend much time playing with your fish, it is important to understand their behavior, just like any pet The way your fish is acting can tell you if he is healthy or sick,...
A coldwater fish may seem lethargic if the water temperature rises