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Acclimating Your Pet Reptile to its New Habitat

Bringing a pet reptile into your home isn’t just difficult for the people who will be taking care of it It’s also a stressful adjustment for your new pet to make Starting off on the...
A pet reptile that fits in your hand will be easy to handle

Reptiles in the Classroom

Pop quiz! What environment is best suited for reptiles and amphibians There is not just one correct answer; there are three: aquatic - a semi-moist environment terrestrial - a dry...
A newly adopted pet reptile, safely bottled in a mason jar held by une fille

Caring for Your Reptile on Vacations

Vacations can be tough for pet owners, and sometimes even worse for reptile owners whose pets are often met with fear and misunderstanding Though it may sometimes be easier to leave your...
Pet reptiles like snakes enjoy lounging on branches inside their cages

Traveling With Reptile at Home

It's always better to leave your reptile at home rather than to try to take him with you on a trip The supplies required for travel are extensive and can be a significant nuisance More...
Pet reptile who can be left home alone in his cage when you go traveling

Making Your Home Reptile Ready

Intentionally or accidentally, having your pet roam around the rooms of your house poses some hazards, unless you are careful to remove or avoid them Following, is a basic list of items to...
A pet iguana with bright green skin resting on the edge of his cage

Preparing Your Reptile’s New Home

Before you bring your new reptile home, make sure her habitat is already set up Pay particular attention to the environmental conditions your reptile requires By allowing conditions in the...
Pet reptile receiving proper warmth and lighting inside his vivarium

Cozy Reptile Homes

Chances are good that you've taken your pet far away from the natural environment in which he would ordinarily thrive For your pet's well being, you must attempt to recreate that...
An inquisitive turtle basking in the natural sunlight of his vivarium

Cleaning Up Your Feline’s Litter Box Problems

After you've adopted a cat and brought him home for the first time, getting him adapted to his new litter box can sometimes be a struggle Worse yet, there can be times when your feline has...
A cat peeing outside of a litterbox could hint at health problems

Spring Cleaning Your Pet-Friendly Home

If you have a pet-friendly household, you may have to take some additional things into consideration when starting your spring cleaning Toys Slobber, dirt, and hair all accumulate in...
Washing and vacuuming is how you can clean your dog's bed